How to Design a Website That Looks Good and Is Functional

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Dundee Website Design, Creating a website design that looks good and is functional is an important part of running a successful online business. The main things to consider when designing a website are the layout, navigation and readability of the content.

Responsive design

Having a responsive website design means having a single website that is flexible in the way that it responds to different screen sizes. This type of web design is ideal for mobile users, and also helps build a positive brand image. In fact, one study shows that consumers prefer sites with a mobile-first design to those that aren’t.

One of the best parts of a responsive design is the ability to change the layout of a website. Dundee Website Design, This allows you to create a mobile site that is cohesive, allowing you to include the same content as your desktop site.

Another important aspect of responsive web design is the use of flexible images. This allows you to adjust the width of an image in order to avoid it getting pixelated. This will make it easier for visitors to view your content.

Another important part of responsive web design is the use of CSS. This is a language that allows you to manipulate the layout of a website.

Readability of content

Developing content that is readable and scannable is important for both your readers and your website’s conversion rates. While you cannot always control the look of your copy, there are a few basic techniques you can implement to increase your content’s readability.

Using simple words and phrases is a good first step to ensuring that your copy is easy to read. Shortening sentences, using bullet-points, and breaking up long articles into sections are also ways to make your copy easier to consume.

Dundee Website Design

Adding visuals to your copy is also a good idea. Visuals, such as photos and charts, can help to explain concepts more clearly. In addition, use contrast to improve your copy’s legibility. For instance, a black text on a white background is a good contrast combination.

You should also consider the size and font of your text. Increasing the font size and font type can help improve readability. Dundee Website Design, A simple rule of thumb is to use a font size that is 16px or more. This ensures that your text will read well on different device sizes.


Whether you are creating a new website or redesigning an existing one, it is important to understand the role of typography. The use of proper typography in website design helps your visitors get a better understanding of your message and the content on your website. The use of typography in website design also helps build a sense of identity for your brand.

A good typographic hierarchy can be made with the use of elements like spacing, colors, and contrast. This will help your visitors focus on the most important information. It will also ensure that your visitors are able to navigate your website and read the information they need.

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Typography in website design also helps to create a pleasant reading experience for your visitors. Dundee Website Design, It makes text easy to read and gives a good graphic balance to your website. Moreover, good typography makes the text look eye-catching and helps to build a unique identity for your brand.

Typography in website design is an essential component of user interface design. Good design allows your visitors to focus on the most important information and get the information they need in a few seconds.


Whether you’re designing a new website or redesigning an existing one, navigation is an essential part of the process. It helps visitors find their way around your website and provides them with essential information about your products and services.

There are several different types of navigation elements. Some are full-featured navigation elements, while others are simple buttons that redirect users to other pages on your site. Regardless of the type, all of them should be easily accessible.

Dundee Web Design

Breadcrumb navigation is one type of navigation that gives users an alternative way to browse your site. It was originally inspired by the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale. It helps visitors find their way around the site and boosts their confidence.

One of the most important aspects of navigation is the use of the back button. This button is usually placed in a prime location on the site. This is the second most used navigation feature, and it saves millions of users from getting lost.

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